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About us


We wake up with the first sight of light, this is usually quite early during the summertime and then we make a hearty fresh cooked breakfast – which goes very well with fresh brewed coffee for Ann-Sophie and a mug of tea for Elwyn.

After our morning routine, we normally go to the fields, to get some work done. This is depending on the season, normally sowing, planting, transplanting, watering, weeding and of course harvesting on the days before deliveries and markets. In between it is very important to keep our bellies full and our hearts happy. So, we snack on some veg, specially tomatoes during the summer.

Usually we go back to lunch, which we are trying to prepare, so our lunches will not be too long. Sometimes there is a bit of spare time to have a nap, sometimes there isn’t. In the afternoon we try to finish whatever work we started – and use most of the daylight.

We can usually watch some beautiful sunsets from the fields, which is a perfect end to a long day’s work. We then go home and enjoy a fresh home cooked dinner made from the vegetables we raised. And of course, Elwyn must complement them with a steak and a beer.


If you would like to get in touch, you can call or email us. We would like to hear from you!
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